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My creations have a variety of eclectic and electric subjects, often obviously and sometimes subconsciously inspired by my five years as an expat, and a view into the world of spirits and magical entities beyond and yet within our own. Some of my work you will witness and take part in was stolen from glimpses of my old residences in: Turkey, Bolivia, and India. I am inspired by movement and the subtleties of stillness in a moment. Beneath every movement or restraint of movement lies a spirit that I try to capture. My art is also about fear and reflection.

Some of my pieces challenge the idea of globalization by highlighting the uniqueness of different cultures, including my own. I want to reach what is inside people whether it be their fears or something soothing they never knew existed.

I developed my style being self-taught then was formally trained.  I primarily paint in oil, and am newly trained in the mischtechnik, a mixed painting technique involving layering different substances (oil, painting medium, egg tempura, casein, mineral spirits, and acrylics) to capture light in an ethereal way; it is widely used within the visionary art movement.